RAWCS is multi-district project of Rotary in Australia. The purpose of the national organisation (RAWCS National) is to assist and support Rotary Clubs and Districts in their endeavours in the avenue of International Service.

The purpose of the District 9800 RAWCS Committee is to encourage District 9800 Clubs to develop and implement International Service projects and to provide the support requested and required. The committee's purpose is achieved by providing:information and advice on the opportunities available within the Programs of RAWCS as summarised below:

Project and Volunteer Assistance

International Service projects require a wide range of knowledge and resources and while some clubs possess the knowledge and resources required, many do not. The District 9800 RAWCS Committee is ready willing and able to assist in filling the gaps.

Safe Water Saves Lives

Water is life and this RAWCS program provides communities with safe and reliable water for drinking and other purposes. Assistance that may be provided includes the provision of catchment, storage, treatment and reticulation systems, appropriate sanitation facilities and education and training in water system construction and maintenance.

Rotarians Against Malaria

Malaria is a potentially fatal blood disease caused by a parasite that is transmitted to human and animal hosts by the Anopheles mosquito.

RAM is the RAWCS program dedicated to the fight against Malaria.

Donations In Kind

Goods and products that are of no further use in Australia can be valuable commodities in developing countries.

DIK provides the means by which such goods and products can be collected, stored and delivered to where they are needed, valuable and valued.